Friday, November 4, 2011

Ben Tennyson vs. the Ultimates - Trailer (720p) (Special delivery for orziloveKTE)

*Bwen shipping video warning* This is video about a cousin shipping, Ben and Gwen, so, please, avoid comment like "They're cousins", "Incest", or similars. After watching the recent Ben 10 episode "Ultimate Sacrifice", I get inspired to do this video (and also that I own to my dear friend, orziloveKTE, another Bwen video). This one is my 97th submission for Youtube , my 28ยบ HD video, with 720p quality and another Ben 10 unique video (One again, Bwen one). This video is also another trade for orziloveKTE, as a retribution for doing me that picture with CannonBolt and Po on a sumo Match ( This time, I decide to do this Bwen Mash-up, with "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" teaser, inspiring of the Ultimate Aliens gone mad. Now, take yourself confortable, and enjoy the trailer! :D Here's the link of that awesome picture he did for me.- Here's the synopsis.- Ben Tennyson is an unemployed 16-year-old omnitrix guardian in an up-and-coming garage rock band who is dating a cute 16-year-old high school girl, Julie Yamamoto. He is having fun in life and rolling along at a nice even tempo until one day Gwen Tennyson roller-blades into his life. Gwen moved to Bellwood from Anodyne to find peace and quiet and leave her past behind. No one knows what her past is, but Ben will find out very soon as he tries to make Gwen his new girlfriend. Before Ben can begin dating Gwen, he must prove himself by defeating the league of her seven ultimate ...

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